Products & Services



  • Power Transformers 
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Pole Mounted Transformer
  • Pad Mounted Transformer
  • Package and Unit Substations
  • Slim Transformers



Low Voltage Equipment 


  • Low Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgears 
  • Low voltage Magnum DS Metal Enclosed Switchgears
  • Low Voltage Motor Control Centers 
  • Low Voltage Metal Enclosed IEC Switchgears 
  • Low Voltage Panel Boards 
  • Low Voltage Switchracks
  • Low Voltage Busducts 
  • Low Voltage Cable Bus 




Medium Voltage Equipment 


  • Medium Voltage Indoors Metal-Clad Switchgears 
  • Medium Voltage Indoor Metal-Enclosed Motor Controllers        
  • Medium Voltage Busducts
  • Medium Voltage Cable Bus





Cable Management System 


  • Cable Ladder Systems 
  • Cable Tray Systems 
  • Cable Trunking Systems 
  • Communication Runway Systems 
  • Covers and Other Accessories 




High Voltage Equipment 


  • Annunciator Panels 
  • Protection and Control Panels 
  • Synchronizing Panels



Industrial Services


  • Calibration and Instrumentation Services
  • Refurbishment
  • Modification and Upgrading of Electrical Equipment
  • Transformer Oil Filling, Processing and Filtration
  • Relay Setting and Coordination Study
  • Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipment at Site     


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