EIC has emerged as a regional advantage with substantial industry influence.  By combining the experience, expertise and considerable resources of its subsidiaries EIC has created an entity with vision, strong leadership and the stability to endure increasingly volatile global markets.



Saudi Transformers Company (STC)


Saudi Transformers Company (STC) was established in 1982 under licensing agreement with Pauwels BELGIUM. As a manufacturer of Distribution Transformers, Package Substations and Low Voltage panels of a wide variety, STC is a major supplier of transformers and sub-stations to commercial, residential and industrial sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Over a period of thirty years, Saudi Transformers Co. Ltd. (STC) improved in all aspects of transformer manufacturing, quality of the product, workmanship and deliveries.


STC has been an active local manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has grown in size as a 100% Saudi owned manufacturer of electrical distribution equipment in the Saudi market.


STC’s teams of engineers enjoy vast and varied experience in transformer design, development, production, quality control and servicing. The Company offers state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities as per IEC & ANSI standards to all Saudi Electricity Company branches and their contractors in the Kingdom, as well as to different utility projects in other GCC and Arab countries.

While the Company caters for the needs of the government and private sectors, its design work is verified and tested by international laboratories to guarantee the safety, durability and efficiency of its end product.



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Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia (WESCOSA)

WESCOSA initially was conceived under the name of Westinghouse Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia, Ltd. in 1976 as a joint venture by Westinghouse Electric Corporation of USA with a 60% share and Ali Zaid Al-Quraishi & Bros. Co. of Saudi Arabia with a 40% share.

Initially, WESCOSA's product line included assembly of switchboards, panel boards and accessories under a license agreement with Westinghouse Electric Corporation – USA.


In 1988, Ali Zaid Al-Quraishi & Bros. Co. purchased the Westinghouse share of WESCOSA and started operating as Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia Ltd., a 100% Saudi Arabian Company.


WESCOSA has experienced substantial growth as an independent company and reached a size of nearly 1100 employees and premises covering more than  132, 000 square meters of manufacturing and office space.


One of the prestigious and most renowned manufacturers of electrical distribution equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, WESCOSA assumed a wide reputation and recognition by all major customers within the Kingdom and various foreign turnkey project contractors. WESCOSA have been the most preferred manufacturer by the highly profiled end-users in the Kingdom such as: Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Company and other LSTK contractors. 


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Saudi Power Transformers Company (SPTC)


Saudi Power Transformers Company Ltd (SPTC) enjoys strategic presence as a medium power transformers manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. Being able to manufacture up to 100 MVA with 145kV Class transformers, SPTC has consolidated its international presence through different alliances using the best knowledge and numerous infusions of cultures and know-how in order to offer the Saudi market and other GCC countries with far reaching solutions.


SPTC has been highly driven towards harnessing human talent and ground breaking designs that are strictly specialized in the harsh environments of the region. We have established ourselves in 2nd Industrial City in Dammam to have a more accessible route to our customers.


A reliable team that presents its clients and investors an optimum Return Of Investment (ROI) and innovative electrical power solutions that feed the network of industries with uninterruptable power.


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CG Power Systems Saudi Arabia (CGPSSA)

CG Power Systems Saudi Arabia was established in 2010 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and has since maintained its leadership position in the management and application of electrical energy.


The unique portfolio CGPSSA prides itself with, are the transformer testing and commissioning, servicing of transformers and turnkey solutions.


As a promising engineering corporation emerged from the name itself, CGPSSA provides end-to-end solutions, helping its customers use electrical power effectively and increase industrial productivity.


As it established its presence in the Saudi market, CGPSSA aims to make a new trend in the power industry by providing a complete solution whether retrofitting of transformers, testing and commissioning, upgrading or just a simple repair. CGPSSA aims to be the one-stop-shop service company for your electrical equipments particularly transformers.



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