Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia (WESCOSA) was established in 1976 as a joint venture between Westinghouse Electrical Co. and Ali Zaid Al Quraishi and Bros. Company.  Two years later, Saudi Transformers Company (STC) began operations with a modest production of distribution transformers at a rate of 4-6 units per day; a capacity that in record time exceed 120,000 transformers, supplying to the growing demand in the Saudi market.
In 1979, Pauwels International was introduced as a strategic investor in STC, leading to a significant plant expansion and increase in production capacity by 1985.   Three years later Ali Zaid Al Quraishi and Bros. Company acquired Westinghouse shares, making WESCOSA a 100% Saudi-Owned Company under the name Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia LTD.
The demand for services activities like repairs, Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Refurbishment, Advisory and Consultancy was rampant in 1995, which leads WESCOSA to create a Services Department to cater this large-scale market and the opening of its Riyadh and Jeddah branches to manage the Central and Western Region’s clients.WESCOSA has grown steadily on the succeeding years. They started manufacturing Power transformers in 1996, to supply the large demand for the power generation and oil and gas market. WESCOSA made an effort in 1998 to manufacture Power transformers with On-Load Tap Changer and on the same year diversified its Switchgear Business Unit with some products such as relay and control panels, Synchronizing Panel and Instrument Cabinets. WESCOSA continues to grow by adding more product portfolio such as Motor Control Center (MCC) complying with NEMA ICS 3 specification, cable bus, IEC Switchgear and IEC MCC, 20 MVA Power Transformers and service activities.

In 2001, Pauwels sold its share to STC, making STC a 100% Saudi firm and eventually increased its production capacity of Package Substations and Distribution transformers while supplying its products to variety of contractors and other utility companies in Middle East.
The year 2005 was a commencement of the new era of electrical manufacturing firm as Electrical Industries Company (EIC) was founded and made Saudi Transformers Company (STC) and Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia LTD (WESCOSA) its subsidiary companies.
In 2010 EIC established Saudi Power Transformers Company (SPTC) and CG-Power System Saudi Arabia (CGPSSA) in a joint venture with CG-Power Systems Belgium.
Today, EIC has a wide range of electrical product including services department that will cater to the growing demand of the electrical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the other countries within the Middle East. EIC has more than 1600 employees of different specializations and skills. Our plants and offices occupy almost 200,000 m2. 


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