Statement from the Chairman


As a local company that invested in modern technology partnered by well-talented staff, EIC has taken its place in the market to be the leading electrical equipment manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thirty five (35) years of solid experience, from our modest beginning, we were able to diversify our product portfolio making EIC the one-stop-shop provide of all the electrical needs of the leading EPC contractors and end-users in Saudi Arabia.

Our success is a testament to the skilled professionals and highly motivated teams of engineers who set our foundations and positioned us well to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry. 

Our policy is simple; building the industry with efficient power and make safe investments focusing on providing our customers with quality and reliable electrical products which are at the forefront of technological development.

Today, our company is the leading manufacturer of transformers and electrical distribution products in Saudi Arabia, and while we believe that our local market still has potential for further growth, our ambition has taken us to the horizon and our portfolio now includes supply to high-profile projects in other GCC countries and the Middle East.

Our aim is to continue to deliver consistently high standards and maintain our position as the market leader in our sector, identifying and developing new markets for our products and gaining further recognition for our quality and expertise.



Ahmad Nasser Al-Swaidan



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